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Antares Region (two panel mosaic)Cats Paw & Lobster NebulaeChristmas Tree & Cone RegionComet Garrad & M15 GlobularFornax Dwarf Galaxy(PGC 10074)Grus TripletIC 2177 (Seagull)IC 2177 (Ha)IC 2631(The Chameleon Cloud)IC 434NGC 3372(Key Hole)Key Hole in The Sky(NGC 3373)Taken with RC12M8(Lagoon Mosaic 4 panels)M11(Wild Duck Cluster)The Eagle Nebula(M16)HaRGBM20(The Triffid Nebula)M24 RegionM4M45 (Peiades)M83(Southern Spiral)NGC 2244 (The Rosette in Ha)NGC 2359 acquisition by Jim Misti and processed by Louie AtalasidisNGC 253(Taken with RC12)NGC 4755 (The Jewel Box)NGC 6188_HaRGBNGC 6334NGC 7129(image acquisition by Jim Misti and processed by Louie AtalasidisM42 (Orions Sword)Rho Ophiuchus RegionSH2-5 Region(Sco)Sagittarius TrioTadpole Galaxy (Hubble Archives)processed by Louie AtalasidisNGC 2070 ( The Tarantula)The Lagoon Nebula (M8)M6 (The Butterfly Cluster)M16(The Eagle)The King Glob(NGC 5139)IC 4628 (The Prawn Nebula)Barnard 72 (The Snake Nebula)M17(The Swan)